Seventy-three, six-oh-five

WANTED TO GET TO FIVE digits of wordage this weekend. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. Friday at lunchtime, the serpentine belt on my Jeep went out. Spent the afternoon dealing with that — getting it towed, stealing Toni’s car, and so-forth. Then off to Sam’s for the biweekly run. Went into Sam’s at peak temperature for the day — some kind of record at 100-plus F. Came out into the summer monsoon. A 30-degree drop and several inches of rain in under an hour. I’m so delighted for the parched earth, but it couldn’t have waited until I was home?

Went to bed Friday night at around Nine O’Clock. Up early Saturday, took Toni to work. Did Kroger. Got home, loaded in, got all sweaty again. Showered, napped. That seemed the pattern for the weekend — do something to wear me out, take a nap. Eat. Wear me out. Nap. Eat. Isn’t aging fun?

Paid some bills. Didn’t get to do much writing. Maybe Wednesday.

Worked a scene tonight which is a dialog between Drummond and Randa. A lot of pennies dropping, including several major world-building changes that might surprise the critters and betas. Or might not. Current total stands at 73,605. Blew through the June 30 deadline. Struggling manfully to carry on.

Read two-thirds of Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion’s Legacy. Third third not out in MMPB. Me too broke to pay legacy publishers’ full-prices for windowed bindings. I will have to wait for the third book. And, I hear rumored, a fourth. Love the story, hate the Water Torture release schedules.

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