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We’ve mentioned these before. If there truly were equal time in political discourse, then the ad would also carry a petition for the countervailing cause. Or one could simpy check off a box on the “official” petition signalling opposition — which would be required to be reported with equal emphasis to those numbers signed in the affirmative.

But this one jumped out at me an bitch slapped me upside the haid because my immediate response was that countervailing slogan, “Support Sherrod Brown’s Petition to Overthrow the First Amendment.”

Now, Sherrod Brown (thank you for your service to our country) is a despicable shred of human debris, utterly unworthy to be dogcatcher — and I apologize to the hard-working dogcatchers in our fair land, but I am prisoner to the metaphor. So one may be excused for spitting when mentioning his name and wanting to Elvis the Teevee or something when you hear someone else utter it. He is a perfect example to that corollary to Lord Acton’s dictum — power attracts the corruptible. And, possibly an excellent example of what NOT to encourage your children to be when they grow up.

Had to have been a reason they keep him around.

Anyway. That’s our editorial commentary for today. Have a great Friday!

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