Saying “No” to So-called “Smart” Meters

Dear Senator Jones and Rep. Stautberg;

We are in receipt of a rather ominous letter from Duke Energy stating that, unless we grant IMMEDIATE ACCESS (emph theirs) to our premises for the purpose of installing so-called “smart” meters, they will cut off our service.

I find this not only unacceptable but reprehensible in a representative republic. Duke claims they have authorization from PUCO to engage in these high-handed tactics. There appears to be no opt-out option. This, too, is both unacceptable and reprehensible.

As the PUCO is a creature of the Assembly, I am appealing to you for relief from this intolerable state of affairs.

Please investigate and have a stop put to this immediately.

Your constituent;
Mark Alger

3 responses to “Saying “No” to So-called “Smart” Meters

  1. You have heard about the smart fires. Did you know Okla GE ended up letting people opt-out but billed for the meter reading?

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    I see that Cali is way ahead of the rest of the country on this. I also see that Duke managed to do the regulatory capture number and steamroll the PUCO.

    I do believe this is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. But how to make it stick is another matter.


  3. You can opt out of the electrical service, but I think that may be about it. Unless you are willing to fight pretty hard, I think you may be screwed.

    Unless you can get vandals to repeatedly smash the new meter so they eventually replace it with the old type.

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