Sauce-For-The-Gander Time

BEEN HEARING A LOT from the Left lately about how maybe — just maybe — freedom of speech oughtn’t be so absolute. Maybe there ought to be “common sense” limits on giving offense — sort of like “common sense” limits on RKBA. Doncha know.

If that’s so, maybe we should revisit that whole freedom of the press thing as well. After all, it’s been patently obvious for over forty years that the media is engaged in a slow-motion coup d’etat.
And recent events have done nothing to quell that notion. The media have staunchly refused to acknowledge the uniqueness of the constitutional republic which makes their very existence possible, have in fact acted in many instances in treasonous fashion — from their coverage of Vietnam to their collaboration with Saddam Hussein, al Quaeda, and myriad collectivist dictators and wannabes down the years.

Maybe we should change their designation in the style book here at BTB from Legacy Partisan Press to Media Fifth Column.

They are, after all, on the other side.

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