No, Rush, Da Doll’s Bein’ Bold Here

BUT I GOTTA DISAGREE The Demorats don’t want Christie gone. They want him to be the Republican frontrunner for 2016. They know the base hates him. They know the Tea Party would stay home and go in the tank for a liberal if the GOP were so stupid as to nominate him. That would be the dream ticket for them. They WILL want him as bloody as possible by March of ’16, to be sure, but they want to run against him.

4 responses to “No, Rush, Da Doll’s Bein’ Bold Here

  1. I thought that same thing yesterday. The media will be somewhat forgiving of him right up until he gets the GOP nomination. Only then will the gloves come off and they’ll hammer him down.


  2. Same old same old. “They will want him…” Included in that are the Prog GOP who haven’t forgotten how Reagan mucked up their “progress.” Statists Knowingly Undermining our Nation’s Constitution are active in both parties and dance well to the same Kabuki tune. Their aim is the same. Individual rights delenda est.

  3. Kabuki indeed.

    The system has long since been co-opted by the media (with their own agenda{s}), and all flavors of politicos, and assorted bureaucrats, with THEIR own agenda(s).

    Used to believe we could change the system from within…but with the process itself all but rigged to “select for your voting pleasure” only those who are prior approved by the respective parties powers that be. (Now local elections are still anyones game in many cases, YMMV,)

    And so, getting back to the message, yeah Christie has a good chance at getting the GOP nod. But I wonder…what better way then to have a Cruz put up on the ticket, with a moderate RINO…errr…SKUNC…yeah, that’s the ticket! as his running mate. And then have Hillary win in a squeaker. (Voting fraud…why, I’m shocked!! Shocked I tell you!) Then the GOP powers that be can come out and say something to the effect..”See, we did it your way conservative voters, and look what happened.” (Knowing all along she was going to win, one way or another.)

    Naaaa, I am not a cynic, don’t even play one on tv. What ever gave you that Idea? (As I watch my military retirement check slowly sail off into the federally mandated sunset.)

  4. Y’all are not being cynical enough. The MFM and the Democrat Party (But I repeat myself) are not trying to drive Christie out of the race. This is a calculated early strike to force him to move more to the right.

    It’s all about discrediting the serious Conservatives, and everything they do is aimed at that part, regardless of how it may look at the time. You got to be thinking a bit further in the future than next month here, folks.

    We should be playing the longer game too, actually.

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