Richard Trumka Lies About Hostess

WHEN HE CALLS the situation an example of crony capitalism. He’s not correctly labeling it. You know it and I know it. And what’s more, he knows it. This is an Alinsky-ite attempt to defang the term when it is accurately applied to incestuous relations between the government and — say, for example — Wall Street. If leftists can blur the dialectic, muddy the waters, throw a little shit in the game, they see they can realize some small gain in the overall contest.

And politically ecumenical Republicans will go along to get along and let them get away with it.

Do not. It’s OK to give someone the benefit of the doubt — when there is doubt. But there can be no doubt in this case. Trumka’s motive is clear and it’s not to be brooked. As Insty puts it, punch back twice as hard. Trumka is a marxist tool-user. And remember, on the 20th Century body count ALONE, marxism (and all forms of collectivism) are the greatest evil ever encompassed by the mind of man.

No quarter. No prisoners.

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