Really! Are Democrats Really That Stupid?

SO I PEEKED IN ON the progress of Isaac on Sunday night and took a look at the 5-day forecast, and saw a track that looks a LOT like Katrina. And they’re saying, NOW, with the storm just crossing the Florida Keys, that it’ll be a Cat1 or Cat2 hurricane when it makes landfall — at New Orleans — Tuesday afternoon. Now, you may not remember this, but Katrina wasn’t the famous Cat 5 when it made landfall. It was Cat3. And it gained a great deal of strength over the Gulf of Mexico. Just as Isaac is likely to do.

But the Mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu (Why is that name familiar?), has no plans to order an evacuation, but rather is calling for city residents to “shelter in place.”

I wonder how well-repaired and improved the levees and flood controls have been since ’05.

Back then, people with eyes and brains saw the cluster foxtrot that was a corrupt Democrat administration at both the city and the state level unfold as it happened. And the corrupt Democrats in Louisiana and all across the country screeched and howled, trying to pin the blame on Bush.

Now, we have Democrats in New Orleans and in the White House. How much do you want to bet, they’ll want to try to hang the coming disaster on Republican Governor, Bobby Jindal?

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