Quote of the Week

“People, you don’t ask the President of the United States OR ANYONE ELSE to “let” you practice your faith.”

Do you understand? Do you understand what the martyrology of the Church is all about now?

Do you understand what the words “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” mean? Are you ready to accept the massive responsibility of your personal sovereignty bestowed upon you by God Almighty Himself? Are you ready to look the crack-addled, homosexual imbecile-puppet Obama and his cabal of satanic puppet-masters in the eye and say, ”You’re going to have to kill me” and MEAN IT? Because THAT is where we are. Or are you, like this pathetic, whipped, cowardly priest going to look to the imbecile-tyrant Obama and ask his PERMISSION to LET YOU practice your faith?

–Ann Barnhart, as quoted at American Digest

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