Quote of the Day: NCIS:LA Edition

You can’t avoid politics. You either play or get played.

–Linda Hunt, as “Henrietta Lang,” on NCIS Los Angeles

As much as I hate to admit it — I think the default state of liberty ought to be the freedom to be left the hell alone (and respond, “Oh, HELL no!” with extreme prejudice when the right is infringed) — Hetty is just too damned right, there.

2 responses to “Quote of the Day: NCIS:LA Edition

  1. Unfortunately, the quote is all too true.

    I say to friends that I’m really not interested in politics but am forced to involve myself in it because politicians are far too interested in ME–in taking my money and restricting my freedom.

    One might say that the goal of libertarians, Tea Party folks and some others is to reform society to a point where Hunt’s quote is no longer true. That is, a society in which the hands-off zone-of-freedom surrounding each individual is sufficiently large and sacrosanct that a person could “avoid politics” (for a while at least) without having to worry about “getting played.” Or “getting stomped on,” which IMHO is a better metaphor.

  2. That, actually, is the way the country was SUPPOSED to be set up. Then came the busy bodies.

    Saints preserve us from busy bodies.


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