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The cartoon character is going to use evidence from within the cartoon to disprove the existence of the cartoonist.

–Heard in passing on a documentary on cable

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  1. Then they must’ve been referring to something quite old. I usually can provide you with an inkling as to when, but this time I can only say I’ve heard it before.

    Can you recall enough to provide more details?

    I suspect what you were watching probably did reference the source. I’d completely forgotten this gem until reading your post in my feedly reader.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    It was a documentary on H2. I don’t recall it exactly, but I suspect it might have been from the series The Universe and the topic of the episode the question of whether God created the Universe with Stephen Hawking and crowd con and [unknown astro-physicist from the Ivy League] pro. The person who made the argument distilled into the quote was a priest. Not a Jesuit, (no S.J. after his name), but otherwise I can’t remember much about him other than they shot him in the sanctuary of a church. He might have been associated with a Uni out west — Pacific Catholic? [shrug]

    But I watched a lot of stuff that weekend and forgot to write any of it down, so this is from my fallible memory, and thus the lame cite.


  3. Mark Philip Alger

    Oh. So he IS a Jesuit. Color me unobservant.


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