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HELL, THE YEAR hell… the millennium:

“Okay, from this point forward I’m going to assume that anyone who suggests gun control as a viable solution is a non-serious person, prone to magical thinking and a willful ignorance of the facts.”

Breda Fallacy

(Hat tip: Alan Andrews)

3 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Or. . . or! They could just be lying liars. With an agenda.

  2. What if I suggest control of the gun that is shooting the bastard that is killing people? As in holding it with both hands.

    • Mark Philip Alger

      Somebody asked Breda whether she considered the Weaver stance to be gun control. A variation on the old “Use two hands” line. Someone else suggested that a good five-point shot group is evidence of good control.

      In truth, what the wannabe tyrants are suggesting is not so much GUN control as it is CITIZEN control. But then, statists are always liars, so who’s surprised by that?

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