Quirks Mode Book Review

ONE OF THE MAGICAL parts about having your own library — even one as cramped and disorganized as mine — is that you can spot something unusual on the shelf, pull it down, and make a delightful discovery.

My discovery this week was a ten-year-old novel, Across the Nightingale Floor. I’m not entirely sure how this one fell into my hands. It’s not something I would ordinarily seek out or even encounter accidentally. My best guess is that it was part of my score as a participant in a sort-of estate sale a couple-few years back.

The story reminds of those swords-and-revenge plots in Japanimation shows, such as Inuyasha or Bleach, only grown-up. It also provides a window into a mystical time, in mood like a foggy river bottom at dawn.

I see from the back-cover copy on the second book in the series — called the Tales of the Otori — that the publisher thinks they’re YA. O. K. If they say so.

Highly recommended, particularly if you’re looking for a break from genre fiction.

2 responses to “Quirks Mode Book Review

  1. Jaime Lee Moyer (@jaimeleemoyer)

    Or maybe I gave that to you… I can’t remember.

    I do remember reading those books and loving them. They weren’t marketed as YA that I recall, but that was a long time ago.

    Anyway, it’s good to hear you liked it as much as I did.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    Hmmm. Hadn’t considered that. I don’t recall your ever giving me any books, but I’ve slept since then. (Last we saw each other in meatspace was — what? — ought four?) OTOH, it’s entirely plausible. Well, if so, thanks!


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