Puttin’ The Mouth Where The Money Is

SO I’M TAKIN’ A THREE-DAY weekend on accounta cuz it’s my birthday today. (See above.) And I’ve gotten back onto working a bit more seriously on It’s Dolly’s Birthday. In the interval, I’ve rearranged the sequence of scenes, both written and outlined. (As I’ve mentioned before.) And I’ve horsed a former plot line around into something else. This weekend, I went from a benchmark 65,000 words to damned close to 69,500 as I write this. The first scene I work on this morning will take me over 70,000. As it stands now, I have between fifteen and thirty thousand words to go to completion of the draft.

And here’s the public mouthing-off part. I have set myself a goal of finishing this draft by the end of June and turning it over to first Alpha, then Beta readers, and then to a professional editor, if he agrees from my sample that we can work together. Behind that is the goal to have the ebook up on KDP by the first of September and a POD available as close to the same time as I can manage. In aid of which, I expect I’ll be spending much of July on cover art, August on post-beta edits and formatting for publication.

That means that I will have to average 1,578 words per day for the rest of the month. And that’s why I’m announcing this publicly — to prevent myself from weaselling out.

No luck — there can’t be luck involved — but, please, do wish me success.

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