Pulling the Trigger … or … Don’t Expect a Medal for Doing Your Job

OBAMA’S RISIBLE AND DESPICABLE claim that Mitt Romney wouldn’t have given the order to kill Osama bin Liner reminds me a lot of the left wing contention that Nazism and Fascism are right wing diseases. Only somebody thoroughly anad utterly steeped in communism could possibly think of someone mere millimeters to the right of them as being extreme right wing. Only a left wing hyper-partisan.

As Tolkien put it: to crooked eyes, the truth may wear a wry face.

So now O’Bambi’s trying to say that Mittens wouldn’t have given the order to kill bin Laden. Me, I think it reveals more about BHO’s perspective on the matter than it does anything about Romney. For one, it says that he has the mistaken notion that any american president NOT as traitorous as he is would ever consider NOT giving the order to kill bin Laden. (Forgetting, of course, that Bill Clinton did exactly that.) And that HE (Obama) thinks there is a matter of some doubt as to whether the killing of bin Laden was proper.

What a bloody berk!

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