Pulled the Apocrypha Story

NOW KNOWN AS “A Dynasty Divine,” (9,000 words) into Scrivener and started breaking it up into scenes. What I’m after is the core of the story of the Choosing of Gabrielle Francesca East in 1838. I think I will eventually call the new story to come out of it “Choosing” — simply that — and it may turn out to be even shorter than the source is. Parts of the current story, I am coming to believe, actually belong with another story, called “Odalisque”. (See Wiki-article on the concept of an odalisque. The painting featured at the top of the article was used as the cover of a book by Alev Lytle Croutier called Harem: The World Beyond the Veil.)

Basically I wanted to get one particular note down — Hephaestus saying, “People mistake the trappings and surrounds of the Choosing of the Child as being those of a search for a Child of the East. In reality, the search is and always has been the search for the Child of the East. There has only ever been one. What we Gods try to do is find him or her in the current generation. He’s not always there. Not always incarnated at the present moment.”

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