Pruning Membership List

SOME OF YOU WILL HAVE just gotten a re-send of the activation email. You are among the very few who have registered but not responded to the activation email who also weren’t over two weeks gone past since you first registered (by which I took it to mean those folks really weren’t interested) or looked overtly spammy — such as former member Viagra from Canada. If for some reason you really did want to register, but didn’t get to responding to the activation email, by all means, register again.

Going forward, I am going to manually delete those accounts which are overtly spammy-looking to me. So, if your screen name really is Louis Vuitton Cheap, please re-register under a more-credible pseudonym. And, keep in mind that, as a creator of intellectual property, I take a dim view of pirates and knockoffs. You’re ripping off my fellow artisans and craftsmen. Why should I want you as a friend?

Finally, I guess this needs to be said — although you’d think it should be obvious. If you want to use this blog for your commercial purposes, you’re going to have to pay for the privelege. If you attempt otherwise, you’ll be cut off at the knees in your attempt. Don’t waste your time. When and if we accept ads they will be 1) Our own publishing ads, 2) from our associates, such as Amazon, or 3) through a reputable ad server, such as BlogAds. Where, by the way, we are already registered. If you’re interested in reaching our audience, check there for our rates and space availability.

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