I GUESS I SHOULDN’T be amazed, but I am. In 45 minutes, give or take (5:40-6:25), I have added my daily goal to “Report from the Field” — 1,020 words. This after having spent the day procrastinating, flogging the hog, and taking a nap. Think what I could have gotten done if I’d sat down this morning and worked straight through. But it took all that prior effort to realize where I wanted to go and what steps I wanted to take, storywise, before I could actually write the scenes.

Dunno why that is, but I find it annoying and I want to break the tendency.

Total word count now stands at 21,785.

One response to “Progress

  1. Jaime Lee Moyer (@jaimeleemoyer)

    At times, Mr. Alger, you just need to think before moving forward. The storybrain needs time to come up with ideas and tell you where to go.

    As I said to someone the other day, there are times when thinking is the most important part of writing. You might not even realize you’re mulling something over, but your brain is chugging away in the background.


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