As I Have Predicted

SNIPPETING OF work-in-progress, working title Discovery will commence tomorrow, (Saturday, June 7). It is also planned that said snippets will be promulgated at Good Reads and any other appropriate venues. Those additional site will be announced here, on Facebook, and at my author’s blog.

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  1. I followed from your ‘slow writer’ comment on TPV, though I’m pretty sure I have you beat on slowness.

    I didn’t know you could put snippets from a work in progress up at Goodreads. I’m intimidated by the very idea of Goodreads – but not the idea of putting up work in progress, as I’ve been doing that every Tuesday since Sept. 2012.

    Would love to hear more about how that works.


    • Mark Philip Alger

      Sorry it took me so long to reply here, I’m a bit slow. Apparently, I’m not capable of keeping track of two blogs, a Facebook presence, and my regular, real life responsibilities. I didn’t check here. Assumed that, since you’d hopped all the hurdles at BTC, you’d comment there. ::grin::

      Conceptually, I think the snippeting is simple. I’m only intending to snippet 30-50K out of a projected 100-120K of the novel. I have a fairly comprehensive outline, the ending, and I know where the novel is going. I have almost 40K written on it, albeit somewhat rough. However, 1500-2000 words at a time is a small enough chunk (not even a whole chapter) to be easily handled of a Friday night or an early Saturday. (Like: before coffee — Danger Will Robinson!) TL;DR version: I’m far enough ahead of my blog readers that I don’t feel nervous about the “in-progress” part.

      The thing I was trying to find out and nobody could or would tell me, so I decided to plunge ahead and discover for myself, is: What are the criteria? Why should you snippet (to get attention)? How large should you snippet? (See Below) How frequently? (As your readers.) How much of the total work?

      In my case, the how large came easily. I write in scenes as the units — the building blocks — of the story as a whole. I work in Scrivener, so I can move scenes and chapters around until I get the order right. I can combine different scenes of different length into chapters, for the sake of getting a pleasing rhythm and building dramatic tension. When I wrote the original stories of the Apocrypha, I was posting to a listserv ML. (The Center for Xena Studies), so the average post length (1,500 -3,000 wds) works out for a snippet.

      Goodreads actually echoes my blog. I’m currently struggling with learning to control WHAT exactly it echoes. Because the people who designed Goodreads somehow don’t see web design as an artform and consider it meet to butcher a person’s feed. So that’s a work in progress, too.

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