Post Apocalypto

POINT ONE: You won’t survive it.

Glenn Beck has been on a prepper tear for the past however many years. He’s talking about what you have to do to survive the collapse of civilization.

Here’s a pro tip for you — from somebody who’s been thinking about the post-apocalypse for half a century:

You won’t survive it.

It doesn’t matter how well you think you’ve prepared: how much ammunition you’ve lain in; how many crops you have un-modified seeds for; how much gold specie you’ve bought and buried in Mason jars in your back yard; how far from your neighbors your house is; how independent your water supply.

You. Aren’t. Prepared.

You can’t prepare for this. And I see trying to prepare for it as a species of betrayal. The only way YOU will survive, the only way your family will survive, the only way your nation, your species will survive is for CIVILIZATION to survive.

Don’t. Give. Up. Quit digging your private cave. Do your part to preserve Civilization.

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