Piling On

‘CAUSE YOU KNOW when a topic in the ‘Sphere hits Instapundit, the next stop is the legacy media, and then it’s over.

But still, we need to work on this and keep on working: there is no reasonable oposition to voter ID laws. None. The whole disenfranchisement argument is one straw man after another from beginning to end. The ONLY purpose — Oh, En, Ell, Why — to the Left’s drive on this electoral fraud. You cannot have good faith intent, you cannot be but bent on mischief in opposing voter ID laws. Period. End of discussion.

That it was Stalin who said, “It doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes.” does not reflect well on Democrats. And, to you myrmidons of the Left who think it doesn’t matter that your political leaders are as corrupt as the day is long, how do you know they will ever advance any of the causes you believe in if they never tell you the truth, never deliver on campaign promises, and ascend to high offices through fraud, trickery, and deceit? Hmmm?

And, just to forestall you, the difference between your crooks and ours is that, when ours get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, we force them out of office. Yours: not so much.

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