ARE GREAT FOR SORTING letters, but as boxes to categorize fiction, they suck.

I dread the day I have to check boxes to pub a Dolly story.

Fantasy: check. Trolls: check? (Well, Neanderthals who’re called trolls as a matter of folklore and species prejudice.) Elves: check. (Well… they resemble more the Chinese communists of a Tom Clancy novel, but… OK. We’ll give you the Elves.) Magic: um… Nanotechnology wielded by unassuming techno-mages, only allowed to be called magic for lack of a better label. Doesn’t count. No check. Gods: … now wait just a minute, here! Yes, Gods. Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Hindu, Taoist, Native American, Celtic, Norse… Now THAT’s fantasy!

Well, OK. Myth.

Brownies. Hobs.

Oh, bother…

How about a little hot girl-girl action between the Norse goddess Freya and a daughter of the Atreides?

Hell, I bet you didn’t even know the Atreides were a real dynasty!

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