Petraeus Betrayed by the Be-tray-us Crowd

COLOR ME SURPRISED. I suppose a general, serving as they all do at the pleasure of both Congress and the President, is every bit as much a political animal as your shadiest Democrat ward heeler. So, unless you want to retire with the bird, you kind of have to play the game. Which is why you see field grade officers and below as straight-arrow patriots, but you begin to wonder about staff officers, and have outright doubts about those with stars.

Still and all, being aware that the dems were out for his scalp ought to have clued Gen. P. to mind his P’s and Q’s.

But, Alger! Doncha know? Men with power always think they can get away with diddling any skirt within reach. Why else do so many do it?

So, Dolly, do you think only men do it?

Oh, hell no! But it seems women might trend bit more circumspect. Still I have wonders about Hillary’s gal pal, the redoubtable Mrs. Weener. Whiner. Whatever. As Liz Friedman said, the thing about lesbians is that they’re invisible. Or they can be.

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