PETA is a Marxist Front

INGRID NEWKIRK is a bloody-minded loon. PETA kills more animals than some slaughterhouses. From this, one can only conclude that PETA’s raison d’etre is to kill so many animals that it removes them from human society altogether. If that’s “ethical,” I’ll eat the hat I never wear.

If you want to support humane treatment of animals, support the ASPCA. Better yet, support locally-run, no-kill rescue organizations, such as Save Our Strays. Or… Toni can probably rattle off names and contact information for the top twenty here in in the OKI region.

Oh! And BTW, the Humane Society of the United States — HSUS — is no better than PETA. Just so’s you know. If you have trouble with all the acronyms, just remember: the one with the Sarah McLachlan theme song in their spots. They’re the … heh … angels.

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