People Against the Civil Right

TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, — that is, in favor of so-called gun control, which, we should point out until it sinks in, is a racist policy begun by Democrats and the KKK in the post-Civil War era to keep newly-freed black slaves from arming to defend themselves, their families, and their property from the predations of said Democrats and Ku Kluxers (BIRM), and therefor should more properly be just called control — pointed and laughed (however hollow their laughter) at the notion that school guards (faculty and staff) be armed as a first line of defense against mass murdering nut jobs who’ve selected a target-rich so-called “gun free” zone as a venue for their first-person-shooter fantasies.

Which doesn’t really stand too well against the rising tide of incidents such as this one being reported almost daily since Sandy Hook.

And, once again, the Left is proven wrong on the merits of their arguments and refuses to acknowledge it. Makes you wonder why they’re allowed out of the house.

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