Partial Core Dump

THIS IS ME doing my robber-bird number. Saw something bright and pretty and snatched it up and brought it home. Doesn’t matter I can’t use it right now. (Who has time.) I can see it feeding my ‘satiable curtsiosity in the future.

The roll below is stolen from a WordPress plugin done up by a project called Ancient World Linked Data.

Since I don’t blog nearly as much as I might like to about the Classical World, I suspect I wouldn’t get much use out of the plugin. However, the list of sites… Well. Talk about your wikiwanders.

Ancient World Linked Data for WordPress

Arachne (
Encyclopedia of Life (
Internet Archive (
Library of Congress (
Munzkabinett Berlin (
Nomisma (
Numismatics (
Open Context (
Papyri (
Pelagios (
Perseus (
Pleiades (
Portable Antiquities Scheme (
Sudoc (
Trismegistos (
Wikipedia (
Wikipedia FR (
Worldcat (
Yale Art Gallery (

So I just wanted to park this until I get a moment to put it someplace I can refer to it and explore it and amuse myself with it. Perhaps some of you might find it interesting, amusing, enlightening as well. If so, enjoy.

As I massaged the links and formatting, I found myself reminded that schola means “leisure” in Greek — because you can’t be a scholar if you have to grub in the dirt for your daily bread and that stoa was a porch, and the Stoics was just a bunch of dogs up on the porch who understood what it took to join the big dogs on the porch.

Or something like that.

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