Open Letter to

As a Prime member, long-time customer (since 2000 at least), and future KDP author, I have long admired Amazon’s principled stances on the unconstitutional collection of sales taxes on interstate transactions, as well as your excellent customer service and treatment of small entrepreneurs.

I was, therefor, deeply saddened to read that Amazon had caved to radical left-wing pressure groups in the matter of the company’s support of the American Legistlative Exchange Council. These groups — SEIU, The Color of Change, and the like — are social saboteurs, bent on poisoning the political discourse in America and deserve nothing but utter contempt from the public at large and from corporate citizens.

I strongly urge you to pass up the corporate ladder that here is at least one Amazon partisan who is deeply disappointed in the company’s actions in this latest contretemps. I hope the leaders of the enterprise can find it in their hearts to change their policy.

Warmest regards,
Mark Philip Alger

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