One of the Principles

OF THIS BLOG IS THAT I never wanted it to be simply a “Me, too!” blog. If somebody else was doing it, that was what I wanted to avoid. Sometimes that means I don’t have content. So be it.

A lot of people, including my favorite at this — Tanker at Mostly Cajun — do birthdays. But nobody I know of does death days.

And, really, I’m too lazy or easily distracted to keep up a regular feature. I know that. So if I took this up, it would be an irregular feature. But sometimes.

Died today in history — February 12.

1554: Lady Jane Grey – pretender to the throne of Britain or the rightful queen, depending on whom you listen to. Just as it can be lethal to get between Chuck Schumer and a microphone, it can be just as lethal to get between a Tudor and the throne.

1802: Immanuel Kant – the German philosopher. You can’t swing a Schrodinger’s cat without hitting one of them. And, of course, you STILL wouldn’t know if it were dead or alive.

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