One of the Neatest Features

OF ANY SOFTWARE, but especially, like, Photoshop, is the ability to — Ctrl-Shift-I — invert the selection. You spent all that time masking the background, but, now you want to do something in the foreground. Press Ctrl-Shift-I — et violins! — you’re working in the foreground.

I tell you that to tell you this.

I saw an item in passing on the TV news the other day relating how a local township was making cuts to its fire department due to budget shortfalls.

Which, to me, made it seem like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel. After all, Police and Fire are the primary fiduciary responsibilities of government. They should be budgeted first and cut last.

An official was quoted as saying that the citizens he’d talked to didn’t want to raise taxes to “pay for the fire department.” How much you wanna bet he never heard any of them say, “… until you quit wasting taxpayer money on massage parlors and sweetheard deals for your brother-in-law.”


Step into my office. I’ve just heard about this bridge…

Here lately, Teh Won has been on the stump (How is it proper for a government official to campaign for particular policies?) trying to persuade us that, if Congress doesn’t raise the debt limit (How does that make sense?), we’re going to lose [insert laundry list of sacred cows]. Bridges, roads, armies — the latter day version of teachers, cops, fireman.

Saying nothing about bank bailouts, green energy boondoggles, union payoffs, CAGW scams, ACORN, and the rest of the treasury-looting going on…


No. What we want to do is bit-flip the selected duties of government which we are going to fund. We’re going to start with your charter, fiduciary responsibilities, like protect the borders, run the courts, maintain the roads, deliver the mail. The rest of that crap can hold a bake sale.

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