Oh, Joy… [/johngielgud]

MICROSOFT HAS a curse. The even-numbered versions of Windows suck big, dead, donkey d*cks through a garden hose. Or however that goes. Looking back, I found Windows 2 to be the suxxor. Windows 3 was a vast improvement — finally fulfilling the promise of a GUI’d windowing environment. Windows 4 (NT) was a bloated, obese mess. Windows 5 (95-98) was the cat’s meow and kept me happy for damned near ten years. Windows 2000/Millennium was universally agreed to be a goat-screwing cluster-foxtrot. Windows XP has been solid for a long time, now, and has actually outlasted its suxxessor — Vista. And, now, it looks as though Windows 7 is a bit of a win.

And you appear to have jumped the numbering sequence, here, somewhere.

Stifle, you!

And suddenly: Windows 8.


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