Oh, Joy… [/johngielgud]

MICROSOFT HAS a curse. The even-numbered versions of Windows suck big, dead, donkey d*cks through a garden hose. Or however that goes. Looking back, I found Windows 2 to be the suxxor. Windows 3 was a vast improvement — finally fulfilling the promise of a GUI’d windowing environment. Windows 4 (NT) was a bloated, obese mess. Windows 5 (95-98) was the cat’s meow and kept me happy for damned near ten years. Windows 2000/Millennium was universally agreed to be a goat-screwing cluster-foxtrot. Windows XP has been solid for a long time, now, and has actually outlasted its suxxessor — Vista. And, now, it looks as though Windows 7 is a bit of a win.

And you appear to have jumped the numbering sequence, here, somewhere.

Stifle, you!

And suddenly: Windows 8.


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  1. Just looked to make sure. 7300+ hrs on my win2k box, using it hard. Zero trouble. True of most people in my office. Our it department longs for the days of win2k reliability. I never heard anyone say a bad word about it. What trouble did you have? Software related?

  2. We had a server — a press RIP — at The Patch Factory, an IBM something server that ran on W2K. It went down more than a hooker at a Democrat convention. Or an intern in the Clinton White House. Take it from me, it went down a lot. Plus, the whole UI was annoying as all fuck-out. And the Macoids just went ballistic whenever they had to work on it. Just… awful.

    So the “generally” part might be a tad exaggerated. But I plead extraordinary aggravation.


  3. Ah, Win 2k server was a mass of suck and fail, because it offered most of the bad functions of NT server with none of the useful ones. And IBM always made the worst boxes, a Dell or a Gateway could put up wiht the BS where an IBM was a delicate flower.

    macoids bitch about everything.

  4. Verily, but sometimes with cause.


  5. I got an email from Info World today. Didn’t bother to save it. Author of the post I linked to in this blog post admitted to tons of mail in reaction to the downcheck of Win8 and offered further evidence to substantiate his claims.

    Sounds like I’m going to be clinging to Windows 7, ten years down the road, the way a bitter clinger clings to his bitterness and stuff he clings to.

  6. Or go OSx. If you’re not doing any hard engineering or platform specific graphics, OSx is Unix based so it’s very durable and trouble free. We have it on several machines at the office, you can do it yourself, and since it’s running on a PC it’s great camo from the macoids.

    I have an Ubuntu box here as well, and I like it a good deal. It is a good deal more for the money than Windoze anyway, but it’s also pretty simple to use.

  7. I’m not as big a fan of OS/X as that. I don’t like an OS that obsoletes the hardware 100% with every dot upgrade. [/hyperbole]

    While, yes, I do tend to leave an OS on a computer for its operating life, I HAVE been known to upgrade once in awhile. Watching the macoids having to jump through hoops… upgrade to a new Adobe CS, frex, have to upgrade the OS, have to buy a new computer… No thanks. Meanwhile, I have CS6 on my 8-yo laptop running WinXP.

    Nor am I a big fan of the sw options available for OS/X. Yeah, there are some — Scrivener, frex — which are available only on or in a more advanced version for the Mac, but mostly it’s the other way around. And, no, I don’t do virtual machines or dual boots or whatever they’re calling that kludge these days. I want to sit down at my desk, pick up a tool, and use it — not reconfigure the desk everywhipstitch.

    Other than that, yeah. I agree. Unix is a great operating system — for operating system nerds.


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