It Seems Obvious to Me That Gabby Giffords

SUFFERED SOME BRAIN DAMAGE from her late shooting, and we should cut her some slack when she witters such nonsensical and anti-democratic nonsense as her latest that we should match the reach and influence of the NRA with a countervailing force.

Leftist statists (BIRM*) keep getting this wrong. The reason that the NRA has the reach and power and influence it has is because of its members. You know, “We, the People”? Of course, the Democrat party has always been about governing against the will of the people, so where’s the surprise in that?

*But I Repeat Myself.

One response to “It Seems Obvious to Me That Gabby Giffords

  1. However, that doesn’t mean that we should give her husband a pass on allowing the freedom-hating tyrants of the left to exploit her for their usurpious (yeah, I made up a word…sue me) purposes.

    He needs to be taken behind a wood shed and horsewhipped.

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