Obama on the Supreme Court

AS RUSH IS PUTTING IT he’s trying to get the meme planted that “The Supreme Court is going to take away your health care.” And, if you know that’s not so, that the President lies through his teeth, and you’re certain that no reasonable American could possibly swallow such a load of codswallop, remember this: Selected, Not Elected. The American Left has dined out for 12 years now on the lie that Al Gore really won the 2000 election and the Supreme Court forced George Bush on America. Never mind that, using the count Gore was suing to get, Bush won. Never mind that, counting every ballot possible, Bush won. The closest Gore got to winning would have been using the count that Bush wanted. But, objectively, Gore lost. Which is why the Right saw the whole, sordid affair as an attempt at electoral theft and called it Sore Loserman.

And, no, nobody on the Left is specifically smart or prescient enough to know that, twelve years later, yet another illegitimate power grab would be threatened by a Supreme Court operating within its constitutional limits and requiring the same of Congress and the President. But they did know that an honest Supreme Court, an uncorrupted Supreme Court would be a significant roadblock to their illegitimate aspirations. That what they (the Left) want to do is, to put it flatly, against the law. And, in order to get around the protections the Constitution emplaces around liberty and the rule of law, they’d have to dirty up the Supreme Court.

They’ve known it for decades.

And so, they’ve set about meticulously corrupting the Supreme Court, by running right up to the line of treason and dancing away before serious charges could be leveled, by nominating jurists and forcing their confirmation by barely acceptable and barely constitutional methods that nevertheless were born of bad faith intent, jurists who, well in advance of their nomination were clearly not suited for any seat on any bench, let alone on the Supreme Court, jurists nominated if for no other reason than to dilute the minimum standards of acceptability for Supreme Court Justices, by seeking at every turn to delegitimize in the eyes of the People both the actual text of the Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court in its defense.

That alone should be enough to cause you to withdraw your support from Democrats and to look askance at everything they stand for and propose. After all, if they’ll lie, cheat, steal to get what you and they claim to want, how do you know you can trust them when it comes to your cherished dreams and aspirations?

To put it flatly, you can’t. In fact, I will guarantee you that, if they ever achieve their ultimate aims — totalitarian power — you, their supporters, will be the first put up against a wall, your family charged for the bullet used to kill you. That is, if they’re not liquidated along with you.

Bank on it.

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