Oakland Businesses

HIT BY THE INFEST YOUR PLACE crowd are dismayed, owners protesting out that they, too, are members of the so-called “99%.”

In the ’60s, black business owners used to paint on the plywood over their broken store windows, “SOUL BROTHER.” Didn’t matter. The wreckers hit them anyway.

Ralph Ellison, in his classic Manchild in the Promised Land reported that his grandfather had taught him that a riot was “a whole bunch of niggers gone crazy.”

A protest is a whole bunch of spoiled crackers gone crazy. As a starting point. When they go violent, it can’t get anything but worse.

And protesting that you sympathize with them won’t protect you from their manifest evil. All you can do is separate yourself from them by a gulf they cannot cross, or to fight them with equal and opposite violence.

Not advising which, mind. Just sayin’s all.

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