Not With Those Notions You’re Not

VANDERLEUN PROPOSES that we in the Right rebrand ourselves in a manner similar to that of the Left when the term “liberal”became no longer operative and “progressive” became the preferred label on the Left for despicable collectivist statists. Which suited us fine. We knew, even if the myrmidons of the Left did and do not, the true nature of the so-called Progressive movement — that it is singularly responsible for nearly every bad political idea of the Twentieth Century and has more blood on its hands… Let them call themselves that. We’ll hang them with it.

So the new brand for the Right — for those in favor of liberty, of low taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, free markets — is American. Truth in advertising.

And, of course, those on the Left, when they catch on, will try to claim that they’re Americans, too. Which gives us the perfect opening: “Not with those political notions you’re not.”

Make it go, Rev! Make it go!

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