Not Permitted:

ANY CLAIM OF SO-CALLED “unintended consequences.” Idiots with a landfill fetish manage to mau mau local governments into banning plastic grocery bags. To be replaced by reusable cloth bags. Which turn out to be hotbeds of filth and disease. Causing deaths due to e coli.

Any claim that the consequences were unintended must rest on the contention that they were unforeseen, could not have been foreseen.

These consequences in this particular case were foreseen. Warnings were issued. The facts of the matter were poo-pooed by the guilty parties. Now they must pay.

Glenn Reynolds urges jail time or civil suits. In my opinion, neither goes far enough. Given there is no moral (or, I suspect legal) justification for the ban, since it arises out of an irrational prejudice in the first place, the bans themselves ought to be judged egregious abuses of government power, and those imposing them acting outside the proper uses of that power.

As such, I ask: what is the moral difference between these crimes and felony murder? I believe that jeopardy of life should attach.

And, no, washing the bags is not consistent with the claims for the fetish. So don’t even try to start. That uses more energy, and water, causes more pollution, than manufacturing and disposing of thousands of plastic bags. If I use twenty bags every two weeks, in a year, I use 520 bags. Minuscule, even when scaled up to the whole population. Also, I mostly use paper bags, which are more readily re-usable, as well as better biodegradable OR recyclable than either plastic OR cloth bags. So, STFU. Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

4 responses to “Not Permitted:

  1. I love Mike C’s comment there:

    Escherischia coli are part of Earth’s biota, and human deaths from infection are all simply part of Gaia’s grand circle of life.

    How selfish of us to mourn human deaths when we should instead be celebrating the lives of the bacteria, who now are able to flourish in their new environmentally-sound homes.


  2. For that matter, e. coli is a human gut bacterium. They are our brothers. ::snerk::


  3. To the person Jesse mentioned, I would say, “Hey! You got a roof over your head? Running water in your house? Cleaning supplies with disinfectant? If so, get out in the damn woods and sleep in a tree or on the ground, and eat everything raw, including meat, if you’re able to get any. See how long you like the REAL ‘grand circle of life’.”

  4. Well, possibly. You might actually say it to the imaginary person Mike C is mocking with his sarcasm. But, otherwise, yay-yesss.


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