Not Only That But: Treason

IT’S NOT NEWS THAT the Left’s mask is slipping. They do that all the time when they’re out of power, or about to lose power. Rush has been observing that and the like for twenty-plus years.

Nor is it news that the Left is un-American. Democrats in a republic start out operating with bad faith intent. That they want to change the nation’s fundamental charter willy-nilly by whim and fiat amounts to an act of war-by-other-means (a.k.a., politics), and thus meets the constitutional definition of treason — barely. What I call treason-in-fact, if not -in-law.

So, when a genuine movement of the people, of the grassroots, which takes as its core principle a return to constitutional limits on the state, of course these un-Americans attack it. The Tea Party movement is the natural enemy to all who would tear down the American edifice. That the attacks on the Tea Party are dishonest, disingenuous, and amount to attacks on the Founding… well… That’s all of a piece with the American Left since Wilson.

Again: not news.

And it could never be news that the Left cannot advance its cause at all, let alone win, on the merits of its policies and arguments. That’s why leftists have to lie and cheat in order to win elections. It’s why they practice the politics of distraction and sleight-of-hand, and why they practice the politics of personal destruction. It’s why they accuse their opponents of doing the very things they themselves (the Democrats) are doing. It’s why they fight against fair-play measures like the secret ballot, voter ID laws, and the insistence on enforcement of immigration laws. Those things mitigate their ability to stuff the ballot box.

They can’t win in a fair contest on a level playing field.

What’s new is that somebody has put it all in one neat package for us, all done up with a bow.

Thank you, Mudcat.

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