Learned a New Term of Art from Charlie Martin Today

IT’S “CHUNKS”. It’s a technical, writer thing. You wouldn’t understand.

I actually did work on the story Saturday. But, because mostly it involved cutting stuff, I actually had negative word counts. So, technically, I didn’t work today, but I did. Sort of. I think my average 1,000 words of new fiction per day is standing up pretty well despite that, since I’ve done 10,000 words in 5 days.

Not only that, but I actually did add 4,000 words today. It’s just that it was a … a chunk from the first draft — “Report from New Xenaland” — which can’t count until it’s been properly integrated into the current story. I am merely saving myself some time, as I intend to bring it in virtually unchanged as it is, only changing the matrix of story around the parts of the chunk. (These are all technical terms of art, by the way.) Yes they are.

I have also made several strategic decisions concerning the climactic set piece(es), which will speed the writing of that|those considerably.

So the official Scrivener Project Stats word count stands at 30,618 as of 1AM Sunday.

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