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AS MENTIONED IN the blogiversary announcement Saturday, I’m working on new site designs. And, while making drastic changes to the look of the site aren’t on the menu — at least not in the upcoming generation, in the process of finding tools to do the job and playing with them, I have messed around with some stuff.

With the idea in mind that there’ll be more stuff messed with down the road.

One of my current bees in my bonnet is an attempt to get as much as possible of the graphics used in the site into a vector format (.svg — scalable vector graphic). My reasoning has to do with speed and sprightliness of page loads, but also to do with the scalability of the .svg format and the rising ubiquity of ever-wider ranges of screen sizes, from phones to 25-inch monitors and beyond, and the need to ensure that all graphics look equally good on all screens. Vector graphics can do that, while bitmaps (JPEGs, GIFs, et al) can’t.

In aid of all that, I have acquired a free program (Yes, Virginia, there IS an app for that.), called Inkscape. And I can recommend it for those in need of vector creation and editing who cannot afford a real DTP app such as CorelDRAW or Illustrator. By all means seek it out, download it, get familiar with it. If you do, I’d advise you to get it from CNET’s Download dot com. I got a distro from Source Forge and MalwareBytes reported adware in the package. For what that’s worth, which may or may not be much.

And I unlimbered the trusty Nuptial font and set the title of the blog in camel case — BabyTrollBlog, all one word, with internal caps, please, it’s a trademark — and set about playing with it.

I got sidetracked messing with filters — which may or may not all be supported by various render engines in the .svg format — and, in the end, had to export the thing as a .png (Portable Network Graphic — a bitmap format). Not optimum, but satisfactory for the moment.

In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Heinlein describes a pedagogic technique wherein the teacher barely stays one lesson ahead of the student. I am in the un|enviable position of having to tutor a colleage at the Patch Factory in using Inkscape. She does not have access to all the whizbang I do, and Inkscape and GIMP and suchlike must be her tools, but she’s going to be working on the Web site alongside us better-equipped designers, and it would be helpful if she could speak the lingo. So I get to play teacher. Toni can tell you how good I am at THAT. Actually, a lot of people can tell you.

And the header logo up there is my first attempt to do something with Inkscape. Staying one lesson ahead of the student. We’ll see where that leads.

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