Need Serious Bitch-Slapping

SMASH-MOUTH, head-to-the curbstone pushback on privacy, now more than ever. As Roger (L) Simon points out

What we have now discovered about Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s America, if we didn’t already know it, is that any belief in a benign and decent government in this country is absolute horseshit. Liberalism has been revealed as a fascist joke.

A sick fascist joke at that.

The regime and everybody in it needs to pay and pay dearly. But it can’t stop there. We the People need to reclaim the country in a serious, substantive way, and do so pointedly. Democrats must be removed from office until they demonstrate they can be trusted near the levers of power. (Yes, I’m being politically ecumenical. My personal belief is that, in a republic, anybody who calls himself a democrat is starting out acting with bad faith intent. This country is explicitly NOT a democracy for some very good reasons, amply demonstrated by the party of the Left for a very, very long time.) And Republicans need to be put on notice. Rubio and Cruz and Paul are right and McCain and Toomey and Collins are wrong, and we need to stop attacking patriots and start defending American liberty or the GOP will join the donks on Reagan’s Ash Heap.

People argue and assert that freedom of speech is the cornerstone of the nation. I submit it is not. It’s only one more brick in the wall, built on a foundation of individual sovereignty, of which privacy is an integral component, right there alongside self-ownership.

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