Moron Says WHAT!?

THE PRESIDENT says, “If you have a business… you didn’t build that!”

Oh. Good. So, going forward, I don’t have to do anything and my business will just magically appear. No work on my part. No intellectual effort, no hours and days, weeks and months and years spent at the keyboard. Somebody else did all that for me.

And my tax money? Pfft!

I agree with Rush. I do not understand how anybody who has accomplishments or aspirations can not be appalled at this man.

OTOH, the thing about Bane and the Batman movie? Look the word “bane” up. It’s been around for a LONG time. I would suggest to you that whoever chose the name of Bain Capital — as the saying goes — chose poorly. Not the other way around.

Hell, I’d name a bad guy Bane, if it weren’t already taken … a couple dozen times.

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