Moron Says WHAT

SO THE DEMOCRATS PULL THIS TRICK where they want to raise taxes on those earning $250,000 or more annually, (Note: this will NOT affect trust fund babies, such as the Kennedies, but WILL affect small business owners who file as S-Corps or sole proprietorships and who employ roughly HALF of working Americans. IOW, it’s not a tax increase on the RICH, so much as it is a tax on the PRODUCTIVE. But the truly RICH tend to be DEMOCRATS, so… there you go.)

So they pull this trick in the Senate, where, instead of just letting the current tax rates stand as they are — remember? Raising taxes in a recession is insanity personified? — they pull this populist demagoguic trick where they attach a rider that raises taxes on, as I say, those higher income earners.

Aside: Did you know that a family income of $50,000 or more puts you in the top 10%? And it’s YOU who are paying most of the income taxes in America?

In other words, the Democrats are holding a continuation of the current tax rates past the end of this year hostage to an invidious tax increase that WILL have NO positive effect on either the economy OR government revenues. None. What. So. Ever.

And the Moron-in-Chief who’s currently squatting in the White House is sound-bitten saying, “Republicans are holding hostage a tax cut for middle America in order to spend billions of dollars on a tax break for the wealthy.”

Mr. Moron: equal protection — “Liberty and Justice for All” — means everybody, rich or poor, young or old, male or female, red and yellow black and white. Ev. Ree. Bodd. Eee.

Trying to divide us for your own personal aggrandizement and to advance your anti-American agenda is despicable. And the sooner we see the back of you the better.

And, just to make it clear: a tax cut is not the government spending money. A tax cut is relief for oppressed Americans, justly allowed to keep more of the money they earned with hard work, intelligence, talent, skill, and drive. And if “allowed to keep” doesn’t just sicken you, you’re not an American — not by any definition I ever heard or believed.

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