More Because I Haven’t

POSTED IN A FEW DAYS than because I have anything important to say…

Sometime in the night — or, more precisely, at around dawn Wednesday — we passed into four digits of members. Semi-legit. That is, I’ve been manually deleting those that look like obvious spammers and scammers to me. Might seem arbitrary, but given the nature of my warnings not to try to turn this site to commercial purposes other than mine, I feel I’m on pretty solid ground, here. If somebody comes here from work, I won’t say them nay. But, when a whole famn damily of folks from aabbccdd to ffgghhii at or all sign up at thirty second intervals in the middle of the night, I’m looking askance and clicking “DELETE” and then “YES, I’M SURE” on their asses TOOT sweet.

So, when I say, “Legit,” it’s all Tom, Dick, and Mary Sue.

And there’s over a thousand of them signed up. Even a handful of them whose signup names look like they might be real people.

But do they comment? NoOOOOOoooooo!

And, just to make it clear, yes, all of them will have the opportunity to get a free copy of the It’s Dolly’s Birthday ebook when it comes available. Real Soon Now.

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