Major Milestone – First Novel Edition

thumb_dolly_eyes_source_1I’VE WRITTEN SEVERAL MILLION words in my lifetime. And in all those words, I’ve never really finished — finish finished — a novel. Until now.

I sent the send draft of The High-T Affair to editor Jeff Hill today. In advance of actually seeing the thing, Jeff thought there would be a good chance that I’ll be able to have the thing up on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing on or before September 1.

I have also picked a cover image. This will be extensively modified to suit my vision, but this is the starting point. And, by the way, people should know, I have purchased the rights to the image (and two others). Just frex as to what’s the right thing to do.

Update: I meant to write “second” draft, but perhaps my typo — “send” — is more accurate. Actually, the first draft was the original Apocrypha story, written back in ’99 and trunked. The second draft was the one I started for NaNoWriMo last year. This is something like the third-and-a-half draft. Except none of them are exactly complete drafts, so you have to use dot-release indicators like they do for software. Which gets to be too much of a bother. Bother!

5 responses to “Major Milestone – First Novel Edition

  1. I will be buying a copy once your “baby” hits the store(s). For those of us who are interested, how much more will it cost to get an “autographed” copy? (Signed by you or Dolly) Enquiring minds want to know!!

  2. Mark Philip Alger


    Appreciate the support. I will have to work out how to do such a thing in a meaningful fashion. It’s hard with an ebook.

    Of course, there probably will be a paper edition. That’s my intent. But I’m assuming right now that that will NOT happen until — at earliest — the Amazon exclusivity (90 days) on the KDP Select progam has run out.

    The other option is to put the book on a card with a magnetic stripe on it and sign that. But, while the cards are cheap each in bulk, it’s the bulk price I find daunting.

    And all of that is getting ahead of myself. I just this morning heard from Jeff that he’s starting work. We have a long, hard haul before the book comes out.


  3. Just color me blond!! I was already thinking of print edition! In any case I have my kindle at the ready for the e version. Perhaps it is past time for me to get off my dead arse and see what can be put to digital paper, though in my case an anthology of short stories would seem to be the proper course of action.

  4. Mark Philip Alger

    By the way, Guy, don’t be so eager to spend your money. You may not remember, but I have. Back when I was still planning on It’s Dolly’s Birthday being the first Apocrypha story out as a book, I promised all members and new members of the site a free copy. I still have the list of email addresses from that aborted experiment. I intend to honor the promise. Just because I didn’t deliver on THE book doesn’t mean I shouldn’t deliver on A book. Anybody whose address is on that list (and I’m sure yours is) gets a free copy of this book, once it’s available. All they’ll have to do is respond to the message confirming they’re still interested.

    That was about 1,000 folks, although a LOT of them were spammers. (About 80%, if I remember my little horseback estimate.) Doesn’t matter. I figure spammers read, too — albeit not all that well, or they wouldn’t be wasting their time, money, and everybody’s resources with such fruitless pursuits. They’ll get the offer. And I also made some promises to bloggers to buy advertising from them. Haven’t forgotten that, either.


  5. I remember your offer…and will respect your wishes should a copy find it’s way to my cluttered email box. But I will be shoving my shekels your way for the NEXT novel (no pressure…no, none at all…heheheh) you and Dolly produce!!

    And if I haven’t said it already…congratulations sir!!

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