Made the Mistake of Tuning in Fox News

TO SEE WHAT THERE WAS about the Ryan VP pick. Should have known better.

For those who haven’t figured it out, yet, Fox is no better than the rest of the legacy partisan press. A fair-and-balanced exposition of a tissue of lies is still a tissue of lies. What’s needed is not giving equal time to both sides, but to investigate and report on which side is correct.

Which is, by the way, the job the press is supposed to be doing; why it has constitutional protection.

Anyway. There was a talking head from the Left filibustering the way leftists do about how Ryan voted against Simpson-Bowles.


Simpson-Bowles, if you will recall, was a “blue-ribbon panel” to determine what-to-do about the fact that Congress collectively is a bunch of spineless slugs with the responsibility of a crack whore. It was supposed to be a cover-the-ass license to allow congresscriters to go on about abdicating their primary fiduciary responsibility to We the (Little) People, spending like — well, at least drunken sailors quit when they run out of cash — somebody who’s totally incontinent about spending — spending like legislators who know nobody will ever call them to account.

(Shorten that, Alger.)

Right. Simpson-Bowles was a last-ditch effort to cover Congress’s baboon-red ass. If that — scorn quotes — “august” body had been doing its job all along, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The S-B plan is a business-as-usual refusal to act responsibly in the face of a fiscal and financial crisis that threatens — literally — to bring the economies of the world to their knees. Ryan is nearly alone in his willingness and courage to face the problem squarely and take action to solve it.


Still too long?

Yeah. How about this: Simpson-Bowles is an exercise in cowardice that, if implemented, would hasten, rather than slow or stop the headlong rush to fiscal and financial catastrophe down which the nation now plunges. That Ryan voted against bringing the plan to the floor of the House is praiseworthy. The Democrats tendentiously cling to the notion that blue-ribbon panels, rather than Congress itself, doing its job, will solve the problem that Congress created. This backward thinking is the very thing the nation needs to turn away from.Hmmm. Hard to get short, innit?

Um… Yeah. Keep working on it.

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