Made Some Serious Progress

THE OTHER DAY on It’s Dolly’s Birthday — what was it? Monday? I lay down for a nap thinking, “I need to come up with 20 more scenes to fill out this plot and sub-plots.” I woke up with an idea. I rushed to Scrivener and quickly roughed it all out.I ended up with 35 new scenes, a dynamite climax, and ties between and among a round half-dozen plot threads. Since then, I’ve been working to bring order back to my manuscript so I can see what I’m doing. When all was said and done, I’d added 5,000 new words of mostly notes to what had been 42,000 when I started. I then went through the story in Scrivener and moved scenes around so I had 27 chapters, each of 4-5 scenes, and everything was in an order that at least seemed to make sense. I’ve since determined that some of that order needs to change. I’ve also eliminated an entire subplot from the original Apocryphal story as being rather juvenile and not making a lot of sense. There may be a couple more of those. With that in mind, I’ve gone back over earlier scenes and firmed things up, such as the first gunfight between Drummond and Cally on the one side and the Elves on the other. I’m filling in exposition where it seems missing and cutting it when it seems to info-dumpy.

I doubt I’ll ever be done moving scenes around. I know for sure I’m majorly unhappy with the pacing of the two main subplots — Drummond’s and Dolly’s — as they seem to progress at varying rates of speed, and I want to try to even that out a bit, if I can. And there are some other threads that have just been plunked down wherever and whose placement will have to be a matter for deeper consideration as we go along.

I still have hope that I might finish this before I have to go back to the day job next Tuesday, but I’m not enitrely sanguine about it. We’ll just have to see.

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