Like a Cat Proudly Bringing Home Its Latest Kill

TO LAY AT THE FEET OF ITS OWNER MASTER STAFF I hereby quote myself in comments at Darling Rachel’s.

I have to disagree with Mead — and I excoriate him on this general principle constantly: there is — can be — no such thing as social justice.

Justice is deeply individual and personal and must be treated ultimately as a matter between individuals. Not even the state may intervene as a corporate person and party to a case. This is one of the key differences between the left and the right and a critical one for understanding our principles.

We In the Right understand as a sacred principle that the sovereignty of the individual is paramount and a sine qua non for the success of a free society. We must not and cannot — for the sake of the Republic — brook collectivist notions.

Mead has this tendency to be far too ecumenical with notions and nostrums of the left, because of — I suspect — their tendency to make him feel good.

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