Kris Rusch Hacked

ACCORDING WHAT GOT posted in comments hither thither and yon, the attack on the Kristine Katherine Rusch site appears to be just random script kiddies rattling doorknobs and found one unlocked.

But for awhile there, it was possible to imagine that somebody was taken umbrage at what Kris has been saying about the odious business practice of “traditional” publishing conglomerates and their myrmidons and other sundry hangers-on.

Which makes the post in question — to which it appeared the attack was a reaction — doubly worth the read. It’s being mirrored all over the blogosphere. But I read Sarah, which habit I apparently have in common with Glenn Reynolds, so I’ve linked to her echo of the post.

Of course, all the twitter is about the context of the attack and not the substance of the post. But I suspect that will be up next on the agenda here in a day or so.

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