Just Threw a BIG BS Flag

ON HEARING THE ZERO sound-bitten on Fox Radio News as braying “When this kind of thing [referring to the situation with Isaac in Louisiana] happens, there’s no Republicans and Democrats…”

I was getting out of my car in front of Casa d’Alger at that precise moment, so didn’t want to startle the neighbors by roaring, “BUULLLSHIT!” at the radio, so I had to restrain myself and confine my reaction to a more private chuckle.

I mean, really? Were you not ALIVE when every Democrat ever BORN piled on Bush for everything from staying out of the way of relief efforts (“He just flew over and looked out the window of Airforce One,”) to the slowness of “You’re doin’ a great job, Brownie” the FEMA response … er … the [Democrat] governor’s request for Federal aid, in advance of which, he could not act?

Or are you really that moronic?

Do you have to ask?

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