Just Love All These Statists

WHO WHEN CHEERING ON government predation on business in the name of so-called “anti-trust” whinge about “predatory” pricing. That is, pricing lower than the competition can or will offer.

That is, the crowd that which thinks profit is a dirty word love it when cronies of the party in power use the power of the state to protect their profit margins.

And screw the customer.

::wobbita:: Wait just a second! That’s a bit of a jump!

Really? You think so? Riddle me this, bat-girl: For whose benefit does the market exist?

(Sensing a trap.) Erm… the buyer?

The customer?


And, yet, who benefits when profit margins are maintained?

Um… the seller?

NOT the buyer, then…?


So, coming back around to my leapt-to conclusion, who is getting screwed when the low-price leader in a market is brought to heel?

The customer?

Still leaping here?

Uh… no…?

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