Just Gotta Love the Left-Wing Extremist

OPERATIVES who call conservative/libertarian talk shows all ready to Nuke the Right with their intergalactic mother wit (…as Willy the Shake put it, “Witty mother; witless else her son.”) … like the least savvy among us couldn’t spot their line of bullshite a mile off.

They’re just so kyoot!

Today this guy called up Hannity all “concerned” and chin-pulling and everything over how the Republicans aren’t on all fours with spending cuts. It’s ten-percent across the board and the budget will be balanced in a year and how can anybody hate that?

Talking points in a row like the little steel ducks in the carny shooting gallery. Ding! Ding! Ding!

paragraph: class: squirrel!: What kind of noise does a straw man make when you knock him down?

And, of course, every alert person in the audience is going, “If it’s ten-percent of the total budget, then howzcum Defense is taking a 40% hit? Hmmm?”

But I pulled up in front of the house just then and wanted to get inside into the A/C, so I didn’t hear the rest. Like jesting Pilate, I did not stay to hear the answer.

Like Pilate, I was pretty sure what I was gonna hear.

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