A Joke

LOOK DOWN YOUR SHIRT and count to ten.


Really? Most people only have two.

Dolly, you do have a low sense of humor.

Really? I’m just the mailman.


You write ’em; I deliver ’em

2 responses to “A Joke

  1. I find this very offensive. I mean, I WOULD be offended, if I wasn’t such a neanderthal. I mean, hot babes with serious rackage are probably offensive to women who are NOT in the “babe” category. Is that projecting? What’s to be offended about? Like gorgeous sunsets, they are wonders of nature to be appreciated while they are here. But then again, I violate the first rule; Never apologize, never explain… It’s a sign of weakness.

  2. Mark Philip Alger

    Need to be careful about that, Pete. Dolly almost binned your comment on reading your first sentence. We here at BTB don’t accept a right to remain unoffended. In fact, we strive to offend as many enemies of the people as we can on as regular a basis as we can be moved to. So, it’s a good thing that you expanded on — even belabored — your point, there.

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